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You can choose from a variety of audio formats. AIFF works best with CDs. For perfectionists, WAV is best. iTunes and Apple “i-series” players support the AAC unique format. You can reduce file sizes by converting MP3s to WMA. MP3 files may be compatible with many music players, but they are not always the format we prefer.

They have different functions. Some music players can play MP3 files, while other are not compatible. e.g. Apple iPods Player (iTouch, Classic, nano and Shuffle): Convert MP3 into AAC/M4A, AIFF, AIFF. Convert MP3 into WMA in order to reduce the file size. Converting MP3 to AIFF is useful for CD-burning. Convert AAC MP3 files for use on an MP3 player. etc. Convert audio to audio is a very popular tool in the entertainment world.

MP3 formats are not the format of choice for everyone, even though they work with many Music Player. As an example, MP3 and WMA: Which one would you choose most often?

MP3 files are a common standard in digital audio and can be played with almost any music player, computer or portable mp3 download. It is the most commonly used format of music in the entire world. WMA(Windows Media Audio), if converted in the same way as an MP3 format, is about half the file size. WMA files can store about 4 hours’ worth of music. You can try the same song but with a half-bit rate (128MP3=64WMA). It’s almost the same quality at half size. WMA is superior at this 64kbps bit rate. It is only a drawback that MP3 files are ripped almost twice faster than WMA.

WMA seems to not be that bad. Although 128 is the threshold for WMA, it is only a matter of time before MP3 beats WMA when Bit rates are higher. WMA however is very protected and has been included in Music DRM to protect copyright. The question is, “Which one?” It depends. WMA, for those guys worried about size, is your best bet if you’re looking to store as much audio on your device.

Above, you’ve probably learned how to pick the perfect format for your MP3 player. This is how you convert Audio files to audio for your music player.

1. Download Audio Converter – Video Sharer. Install and register. 2. Profile allows you to find and convert almost any audio format. Can also reduce music length by using the edit function. 3. After clicking on “Convert”, you will get your converted music files. By using USB, you can transfer the music on to your favorite music player.